About Us

Sharen and Buddy Resnik

Resnik Music Group is owned by Robert and Sharen Resnik. RMG is a team comprised of a distinguished group of professional songwriters, established publishing companies and song pluggers who are dedicated to their craft – all with a common desire to make our music a success.

Established in 1994, the company was built upon the foundations of Buddy Resnik’s affinity for the music that was evidence of a troubled past within the southern United States during his youth.  Growing up Resnik found himself tuning into what were known as the “Black” music stations of the era featuring Soul, Doo-Wop, early R&B amongst other popular music genres.  These stations introduced Buddy to artists like Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, Buddy Holly and The Crickets, James Brown, The Drifters, The Impressions many of which comprise his song collection to this day.

After attending and graduating from the University of Washington (Seattle), Buddy moved to Los Angeles and became involved in the entertainment business managing the careers of celebrities including Gary Busey (Buddy Holly Story), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura / Star Trek) and Van Morrison (Them).

Fast forward to present day and Resnik Music Group’s mission is simple, “Keep The Music Alive.”

At present the company’s priorities are to continue building their music catalog and breath live into songs that might otherwise fade into obscurity.  They are doing this by aggressively pursuing licensing opportunities for new artist cuts as well as placements of their catalog in TV, Film, Advertisements, Trailers, Video Games and many other opportunities.  Not only is this good for the companies bottom line – but often provides unexpected revenue for senior writers and artists that have otherwise stopped receiving royalties long ago.