RMG Song Featured In Upcoming Calvin Klein Spot

The song by artist Lee Pratt entitled “Ha, Baby Coming On Home” will be featured in an upcoming advertisement from one of the worlds best known clothiers. We’re excited about this placement and look forward to seeing the finished spot sometime in early 2018.

RMG Compiles New Catalog of Vintage Childrens Songs

RMG is excited to announce our new catalog of vintage Childrens material. The diverse catalog features material from artists such as The Woodland Serenaders, The Magic Key Singers and Harvey and Cannonball amongst others.

You can preview many songs in this collection through the catalog SoundCloud profile located at: https://soundcloud.com/vintagenurseryrhymes

If you have placement opportunities or would like information please contact us.

RMG Song Featured on PBS Special

The song “Morse Code of Love” will be performed by The Modern Gentlemen on the PBS special series “My Music: Doo Wop Generations” running throughout the month of March.

More information can be found here: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2018/mar/07/doo-wop-generations-my-music/

Official Ole’ Red (Nashville) Announcement

The restaurant and entertainment venue named after one of Country superstar Blake Shelton has been officially announced and will open in Nashville sometime in May 2018.

The establishment will be located on lower Broadway and will feature a restaurant, dance club, performance hall and other accommodations. The venue will feature 4 floors of music and will be noted as one of (if not the..) biggest venues of it’s kind in Nashville.

The song has sprung it’s own brand as other locations are currently open or will be opening in the coming year. Gaylord has been reported to be making it a major focus within their corporate umbrella.

Resnik Music Group is proud to include the song “Ole’ Red” in it’s publishing catalog alongside thousands of other hit songs.

An Audience of Chairs

Listen for the RMG song “Nothin’ But Lovin'” by Werly Fairburn in the new Canadian Television series “An Audience of Chairs”

Learn more on imdb.com

Hidden Figures

RMG is thrilled to have a placement in the new film entitled Hidden Figures featuring stellar performances by Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae and Kevin Costner. The song “You Say You Love Me” by The Hearts will be included in this historical film about a team of African-American women who played an important part in NASA’s space program.

You can learn more about the film by visiting imdb.